Angel Calderon

Keynote Speaker

Principal Advisor Planning and Research at RMIT University, Australia.

Angel has worked in institutional research and planning over the past 25 years in several Australian universities. He has also worked as a journalist and foreign correspondent in several countries.

He is a regular speaker on international forums on global megatrends, university rankings, higher education competitiveness, strategy and development. He is co-editor of a book on institutional research and planning in higher education. He has also co-authored another two volumes on higher education (global issues in institutional research and trends in science education). In 2018, he has authored several reports and two book chapters, including one about the geopolitics of higher education in the [forthcoming] Handbook on the Politics of Higher Education.

He has undertaken consultancy in the tertiary education sector and across various industry sectors in the fields of environmental scanning, market research, scenario planning and strategic planning. Over recent years he has traveled to several Latin American countries to advise decision makers on higher education policy issues, including building capacity for planning and strategy, university rankings and internationalisation. Between 1998 and 2007, he was co-editor of the Journal of Institutional Research and co-editor of the Journal of Higher Education Policy and Management. He regularly publishes papers and opinion pieces on higher education policy, international education, impacts of trade liberalisation on educational services, emerging markets, graduate outcomes and satisfaction, benchmarking and university rankings.