Prof. Sid Nair

Prof. Sid Nair is the Executive Director of the Tertiary Education Commission (TEC). As Chief Executive Officer of the Commission he is responsible for the formulation and execution of strategies, policies and procedures in the higher education sector in Mauritius. The TEC is the apex regulatory body in Mauritius that ensures standards and quality are maintained in all tertiary education programs.

Professor Nair is well known in the international environment in the area of quality movement in higher education and is also internationally renowned for his work in student voice and its importance in the quality of teaching and learning. All work Prof. Nair has done over the years is best summarised in his 2015 UWA Non-Faculty award which states “For the sustained leadership in University education for the promotion and integration of the student voice to enhance learning and teaching”.

Prior to joining TEC, he was Professor of Higher Education Development at the Centre for Education Futures (CEF) in Australia. His research work lies in the areas of quality of teaching and learning, classroom and school environments, and the implementation of improvements from stakeholder feedback. His role at UWA was to build capacity of academics in teaching and learning both face to face and digital delivery.

 His career path also had him as Interim Director and Quality Advisor (Evaluations and Research) at the Centre for Higher Education Quality (CHEQ) at Monash University, Australia. In this role as Quality Advisor he headed the Evaluation Unit at Monash University where he restructured the evaluation framework at the University. The approach to evaluations at Monash University has been noted in the first round of the Australian Universities Quality Agency (AUQA) audits and is part of the good practice database.

Prof. Nair is a Chemical Engineer by training but his interest in helping students succeed in the applied sciences in higher education led him to further specialise in Science and Technology education. This led him to his many works in improving student life in the higher education system.

Recent book publications include Measuring and Evaluating the Student Experience in Higher Education; External Quality Audits: Has it Improved Quality Assurance in Universities; A Global Perspective of Private Higher Education and Book series on Enhancing Learning and Teaching through Student Feedback – in Engineering, Social Sciences; Medical and Health Sciences.

He has extensive lecturing experience in the applied sciences in Canada, Singapore and Australia. He is an international consultant in quality and evaluations in higher education and has been on a number of quality review panels.